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« on: August 13, 2017, 12:41:39 AM »
I eschewed the starters of Gosforth V Doncaster & the dessert of Newcastle RL v Barrow RL for the main course of:
Gosforth XX 49 Nottingham XXX 19
The most important thing first: injury watch. Darryl who had just come back on this time at 10 was to an extent a victim of a SIW as he flew into a tackle. He limped on for a while taped up before going off. Vili also took some knocks & Everard was off very soon after going on, but overall nothing like the carnage at the pre-season match at CM’s last year.
In a way it was like a practice for a game at Ealing – plastic pitch & bigger & better paid opposition. Ealing will presumably not field former & wannabe England players. Flood was named as sub while Socino & Calum Green were in the initial line up.
Conditions ; windless & neither hot nor cold were nigh on perfect. The teams’ colours were not our dark green ensemble & their black. Even the bottom half of the ref blended in.
They drove over after 7, but we retained the ball for the next 7 helped by plenty of pens. Eventually Stevens who had already been prominent in the loose burrowed over. 7-7.
They break clear on 17. Our subs – rolling in some cases- started from 25 & Robinson & Scanlon swapped their 15/11 roles. We controlled the rest of the half & Murray Mc was on hand to race through on to a well weighted Spittle grubber. HT 14-12 as the conversion attempt hit the post.
Lyons had released the backline a la Mugford
Stevens showing up well
Preponderance of pens to us – no kicks at goal by either side throughout the match
Slight negative - poor handling by Evans on more than one occasion.
Flood came on at HT & on 50 created a try with a superb sleight of hand. A couple of minutes later a mis-placed Hooper pass led to a holding on pen & a drive over try. They were able to convert their close range drives which with one exception we were not.
Interception try – for us!!!!! by Goble- converted by Scanlon 28-19.
68 for the first time our tackling was noticeably deficient.
72 a YC for Mark Wilson after a series of offences deep in their red zone, we were unable to force our way over.
74 4 subs on including Sio.
76 close range 42-19. Last move we cough up possession deep in their half. 49-19.
Seen in the stands Skelcey Hall & Millett. Not spotted Buckley, Stuart, West, Eden or Davies.
a good work out, but disappointing that we conceded 3 tries against 14 men (one when their 2nd row was laid out for a couple of minutes).
We look short of options at 10 again.
Not many scrums. Line out sound.
None of the new faces were real stand outs either positively or negatively.
Next up Northampton on Thursday night. We’ll see what that brings.


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Re: Gosforth
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2017, 04:00:19 PM »
Excellent report as usual thank you TA!
Davies and Eden were in the stands behind where I was sat near the bottom of the West Stand, Stuart and West I believe are only just joining up with the squad after pre season with Wasps so not surprised at their non-attendance. Can't say I spotted Buckley though.
Maire 😊
Proud to be Irish 💚
Nottingham agus Éire rugby- an meascán is fearr ! Fáilte leaids Éireannacha .


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Re: Gosforth
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 07:43:29 PM »
Report of the game also available on Falcons' website.