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« on: September 23, 2017, 05:33:55 PM »
Didn't go to the game today.
It is frustrating that we could and perhaps should be 4 from 4 at this stage. At the start of the day I would have taken a losing bonus point, but being 10 points up at half time, then 8 with 15 to go makes it all the more annoying. With Hartpury putting in a good performance against Yorkshire, it makes next Friday quite interesting.

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Re: Doncaster
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 09:30:22 PM »
Last 3 weeks - points conceded 35, 31, 32, - tries conceded 4, 5, and 4. You’re going to struggle to win many games with those stats. Conversely even on hard grounds if you’re scoring 27, 33 & 26 points you maybe ought to have more than 6 match points garnered. I feel that a centre combination of Vili & Ollie is sounder defensively than Lyons & Ollie. Doncaster’s 4 tries included 3 runners clear from the 22 & only 1 from pack power on the line.
We fortunately had the better kicker on the day. Although for the first time this season the opposition reduced the scrum to a mess & a penalty lottery you did get the impression that if the ball had been fed in even remotely straight we would have put them under real pressure there. Our lineout was the least secure it has been, but still miles better than theirs.
An early trio of pens on another day with no wind advantage left the score 6-3, but on the ¼ hr & not for the 1st time this season we were gifted a try. This time a defensive 5 yard line out was straight to the alert Coghlan who wasted no time touching down. Prior to this Stuart had found himself running clear from the 22 with only the scrum half to beat unfortunately he opted to try & run round him instead of over him & the chance was lost.
Again not for the 1st time this season we were undone by a frisky oppo number 9 who frolicked clear from the 22. 13-8 mid-way through the ½.
We were more than holding own at this stage & this was exemplified when a not straight by us resulted in them opting for the line on their 22 rather than the scrum. Read that again- Doncaster preferring not to scrum down against Nottingham! In fact they again threw to Coghlan & this time there was no defender to stop Stuart scoring.  A few minutes later & déjà vu again Coghlan once more the recipient West the scorer. 13-20.
They put on real pressure just before half time, but a poor pen miss with the last kick of the ½ left us with a 7 point advantage.
On 47 we won the scrum lottery just past their 10 yard line straight in front to make it 13-23. This was pretty much as far as we got into their ½ for the rest of the game as we found ourselves hereafter badly on the wrong side of the penalty count & penned in our own ½ without possession for long periods. We did in fact stand up to the pressure really well for 10 minutes or more & their frustration showed with a bout of argy bargy when they were unable to make a 5 yard scrum count. However inevitably they did break a flimsy line to reduce the arrears their kicker missing a very gettable once more.
Almost from the re-start we got a boost when Eden drilled over dead straight 2 or 3 yards inside their ½ 18-26. Normal service quickly resumed & a pack power play saw it to 25-26 with the successful conversion a surprise. We never really looked like holding on & though we did keep them out for another 10 minutes or so their 13 jinked through a tackle free zone to score by the posts. 32-26 & the TBP for them.
A minute or so from time & the worst miss of the day from their 10 left us still in LBP territory with a drop out to come. We played it short, it was taken by them & Buckley desperately handled it back in the ruck. Another pen to kill us off, but very conservatively fearing us running the length if their man missed again they booted it out to leave it as last year at 5-1.

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Re: Doncaster
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2017, 10:30:39 PM »
Agreed TA2. However looking at the weekend's scores it seems nobody can defend. The scores seem to be growing in all the games, not just those involving Nottm. Look at the manner of the scores in all of Nottingham's games, many have been voluntary contributions rather than as a result of attacking prowess. Perhaps this is a new trend, much greater emphasis on attack rather than defence? Will this change as the pitches and the weather deteriorate?


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Re: Doncaster
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2017, 06:39:33 PM »
It sees ms to be that we are very competitive but need to work on our defence. You can't hope for consistency when you are conceding 30 odd points regularly. Friday will be a tough game but hopefully if we sort this aspect we can get a good home win.